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Who is on your team
Who is on your team

When purchasing a property in Australia, the number of options available can be overwhelming. One of the most significant decisions you’ll need to make is whether to seek professional expert advice to assist you with your most significant investment. You can choose to engage the services of an independent property buyers agent or explore directly with selling agents and their teams. However, it’s worth noting that some selling agents have dedicated roles to aid buyers, which can be confusing. It’s vital to recognise that these representatives are different from independent buyers’ agents, also known as a buyers advocate. Understanding the distinctions between the roles of these professionals in Australian real estate is crucial.

Understanding the Role of Buyer’s Agents in Australia

As the Australian real estate market becomes increasingly crowded, more and more selling agencies hire team members known as “buyer’s agents” to assist buyers. While these agents can provide valuable insights into the properties their agency represents, they must remember that their primary goal is facilitating transactions that benefit their agency and clients – the sellers.

These sales agent-based Buyer agents, also known as buyers liaisons, are still part of the selling agent’s team and may not prioritise the buyer’s best interests. These agents can only help buyers find properties their agency has listed and are often tasked with identifying if the buyer may also have a property they need to sell.

It’s crucial to remember that these “buyer’s agents” work for the seller. While they may provide valuable information, buyers should always know that their interests align with the agency’s clients – the sellers/vendors.

It’s important to note that in Queensland, where Vendee Property Buyers is based, the selling agent isn’t required to disclose any negative information about a property, such as flood risks, noisy commercial activities nearby, or past termite infestations. It is ‘buyer beware’ and the purchaser’s responsibility to undertake due diligence. The selling team may provide their opinion on the property’s price, which is usually aligned with the vendor’s expectation and may not be in line with the current market rate. They may also present recent comparable sales to support achieving the highest possible price, which is their responsibility to the vendor. However, it’s worth noting that these recent sales may be cherry-picked to support the highest possible price.

Partnering with an independent buyer’s agent can simplify navigating the property market. Their role is to exclusively represent the purchaser’s interests, providing unbiased and comprehensive information on the property market and specific properties. These professionals take the time to understand the buyer’s unique needs, preferences, and financial goals, exploring various opportunities that align with their requirements.

An excellent independent buyer’s agent would investigate and present all relevant information to the buyer, providing a detailed due diligence report and accurate comparative market valuation. They will highlight any negative traits of the property or area. They will provide an educated opinion on the options available and are a great resource to help you work through your decision’s pros and cons and practicalities. This ensures that the buyer makes an informed decision, understanding any drawbacks on the property and what the property is worth in the current market, helping the buyer to avoid overpaying for a property.

Buyers agents save valuable time by assessing all available options and presenting the buyer with a shortlist of properties that best fit their needs and budget. They conduct inspections on your behalf and provide thorough due diligence to avoid any unpleasant surprises and potential pitfalls. Additionally, they are skilled negotiators and ensure the most optimal outcome for their clients in securing a property.

Investing in a buyer’s agent is wise for those purchasing property. Buying a property is a significant investment, so it makes sense to seek professional advice, just as you would with any other significant investment. Local families utilise buyer’s agents, people moving from other areas, and those looking for investment opportunities. Sophisticated buyers regularly engage buyer’s agents because they understand the value and benefits. Investing in this type of advice and service is becoming increasingly popular as the industry gains more recognition. Having a buyer’s agent as a dedicated advocate gives buyers an advantage in balancing the tables with sellers who already have a sales agent working in their corner.

Would you prefer to purchase your most significant asset with or without expert assistance?

If you’re considering purchasing real estate, you have two options. You can either go it alone and work with each selling agent individually or hire an independent buyer’s agent. You’ll need to understand the role of each party involved and whom they’re advocating for.

Choosing the right collaborators is critical when starting your property journey. If you decide to work with an independent Sunshine Coast buyers agent, please make sure that your agent has a wealth of practical property experience and isn’t just fresh out of a buyer agent course.

Your Dedicated Guide: The Independent Buyer’s Agent

Vendee Property Buyers is Sunshine Coast buyers agency, with specialist Noosa buyers Agent Amanda Conroy located in beautiful Noosa in Queensland, Australia. Our primary objective is to assist individuals in making informed and confident choices when purchasing real estate. We prioritise the Vendee – the purchaser, rather than the Vendor – the seller, who is already well-represented by their selling agent in most cases.

At the helm of Vendee Property Buyers is Amanda Conroy, a dynamic figure in the real estate industry with deep knowledge of the property market and a commitment to supporting buyers throughout the process. Amanda is a seasoned professional with 20 years of property experience, working in vibrant areas such as Melbourne and the bustling UK market. As an experienced property developer who has completed numerous projects, Amanda guides others and actively shapes the market.

We wish you all the success and guidance you need to make informed decisions as you enter Australia’s thriving real estate market!

If you’re considering a move or an investment in Noosaville or anywhere in Noosa, connect with me at Vendee Property Buyers, your dedicated Noosa buyers agent. Book a complimentary property consultation, and we can explore the opportunities this beautiful suburb offers.

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