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Amanda had a successful career in the corporate world and held pivotal roles at global giant L’Oreal Australia. She was responsible for managing vast budgets, steering global brand activations, and sharpening her negotiation tactics. This rich foundation set the stage for her seamless dive into property development.

Amanda has an impressive track record of managing her personal diverse real estate deals worth over $50 million across Melbourne, Queensland, and the UK. She has built an international property portfolio and generated seven-figure development profits. Her unwavering dedication and growth mindset have distinguished her as a true leader in the field.

Amanda faced personal relocation challenges to Noosa, which led her to establish Vendee Property Buyers. Combining her two decades of property acumen with relocation insights, Amanda ensures her clients find more than a property – they find a home. With her at the helm, Amandas experience in transacting on over 100 properties ensures her negotiation skills and expertise in dealing with the tactics of sales agents benefits her clients so they can effortlessly traverse Noosa’s property maze, ensuring they strike the right deals and avoid the pitfalls.

With Matt, her partner of 25 years, and their two sons, Amanda balances ambitious career moves with rich family moments. Constant learning keeps her ahead in the dynamic property landscape. Outside work, Noosa’s culinary delights and global travels keep her inspired.

If you’re ready to conquer Noosa’s property market and start your ideal lifestyle, schedule a call and confidently take the next step or call Amanda now on +61 412 381 009.

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